Easter Highlights

First of all…Jesus rose from the dead! He’s alive and He’s still working in people’s lives. Everything else is so insignificant compared to that!

On that note – today was AWESOME!!!

We had many guests this morning and most of our regular attenders came as well. We had our best attendance ever at 240 people! We used almost every chair that we own, so it’s a good thing that we just got some more donated. I absolutely loved the energy of a packed church. That is the reason why people need to have good church attendance as a regular part of their lives…it exhilarates the body of Christ when the house is full!

Quite ironically, last night I said that I wanted 100 people in the first service and a total of 240 for the morning. Guess what we had??? 100 in the first service and 240 total…I totally should have said higher numbers…

Starting Point concluded it’s 10 week classes today. THANK YOU to Pete Torres for being a great leader! Also, a big thank you to Will Sherland and LeeAnn Brentano for co-leading. God will use your time and energy to grow lives, bring healing, and ultimately strengthen the Church as a whole. I pray that you are blessed!

One of our guests came this morning because he watched the building being painted and was impressed with the workforce and the outcome. Come on!

I also learned today that our worship leader has allergies and that becomes a problem when the pastor’s wife puts very strong flowers on the stage. Sorry about that, Marcus! I love you and I will be happy to move my flowers for you anytime.

The Kid’s classes went off without a hitch. Great job from the check in area to the teachers! I asked several of the kids if they enjoyed their classes and everyone said, “YES!!!!” They also went home with Easter Eggs and Silly Putty.

Another guest commented on how everyone at our church smiles all of the time. It’s either Jesus or the coffee. Might be the combo.

Speaking of coffee, our coffee bar was HOPPING this morning. Between the lattes for sale and the complimentary coffee, I estimated that we made 250 cups of coffee today! We also downed creamer like it was water. I laughed when a first time guest came in with a “real” coffee mug and said, “Well, if you’re going to come to the Coffee Church, you better be prepared!” Love it!

My daughter, Delaney, wore bunny ears all day. It made me laugh everytime I saw her. Kids are cute!

Mark prayed for people publicly today for people to accept Jesus. Please keep praying for people – not just to make the decision, but to live out a full Christian life. It’s so worth it!!!! My prayer is that Easter Sunday is not a one-day event, but the beginning of a time of growth for lives and our church. God, build your house!

It was a good day to be at North Creek!

  1. Kim Tortora said:

    Hi Stacy! Wow! That is so awesome!! I am so glad to here about your sunday Easter services. God is so good.

    We too had a great time in church. We had over 50 kids in childrens Church classes and the nursery. It was so exciting. God is really moving in Clark county. I am excited to see what god has for TPCC and North Creek.!

  2. I love our church! I come in smiling and leave smiling every time I enter the building, I love that observation. Thanks for being you!

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