Sunday morning my daughter came up to me at the Giving Box at our church. “Mom, can you go out to the car and get my purse? I want to give my money to God.”

“Yes, honey, let’s go.” I quickly scurried out, so proud that my daughter would sift through her coins and give a portion to Jesus. I patted myself on the back for raising a brilliant six year old.

When we came back in she grabbed an offering envelope and sat at the table with me. “OK, sweetie, how much of your money would you like to give God?” I was prepared to teach her about giving 10% of her money to Jesus. Her brown eyes looked at me in a combination of disbelief and confusion. “I want to give Him everything.”

I watched as her small hands dumped the entirety of her purse out on the table. She printed her name on the appropriate line and the word “cents” on the line indicating how much money she would give. She carefully put each coin in the envelope until they were loaded in all safe and sound. She licked the envelope, walked it over to the Box, and dropped it in with a hint of joy in her step. She never hesitated, never asked what else she could buy with her treasure, and never questioned her gift. She gave Him everything with a purity that stopped me in my tracks.

And then, not realizing the depth of her wisdom, she grinned at me with her newly toothless smile and skipped off. Sweet child. Innocent angel. Wise teacher. Yes, my little girl, I want to give Him everything, too.

  1. Katie Perron said:

    Awesome story!:O)

    • Stacy said:

      Thanks, Katie!

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