Sneak Peek…

We are in the process of putting together a plan and strategy for raising $2.5 million dollars to fulfill the dreams and visions that God has put in our hearts. We believe God is about to unleash a miracle for our church and community. Check out We’ll be talking about this on April 17th at church, but if you read my blog, you always get the preview story!

And yes, I know that the dates we put down are crazy for raising that much money. For all of your super-planners, don’t focus on the dates. Focus on the vision and the goal! We have a plan and a purpose and the main thing that we want to communicate is that we want to change our community NOW!

Enjoy the website! We’d love to know your thoughts and we’d love for you to begin to invest in this dream. In order to move forward we need a minimum of $500,000. I’m am thankful that we serve a God without limits!

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