Everything’s Okay

There’s a loud crash from upstairs. As a mom, my heart stops for a minute. I wait, I listen, and finally I hear the voice of my seven year old shout out, “Everything’s okay!” This happens multiple times a day at my house. It used to be much more unnerving because I hadn’t trained my kids to let me know that the loud noises weren’t truly catastrophic. Now I have them well versed to alert me that whatever may have fallen, broken, or crashed is just irrelevant stuff and not their precious lives in danger.

I think that if you listen closely when things seem to be crashing in around you, you’ll hear another sweet voice speaking to you as well. I think that the voice of God, no matter how bad the noises in your world, whispers to you in the midst of the storm. He’s got it under control and He’s aware of your uncertainty.

So, no matter what you are hearing around you this week, just stop and wait with baited breath. With never-failing consistency, His voice is about to tell you those precious words that makes it all better…”Everything’s Okay.”

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