May 6 Highlights

As always, I recap the weekends and how our services went. It’s fun for me to celebrate what God has done – not only on Sunday, but in the hearts and lives of our people throughout the week! So here goes:

KidCity learned about baptism yesterday. Parents – such a great opportunity to talk to your kids about how they are doing with their relationship with Jesus. Here’s a tip: Buy your kids a grade-appropriate Bible. They can read it all by themselves (or with you!) and learn to have a relationship with God that is all their own.

I met more new people at Battle Ground 10:00 and Hazel Dell 11:00 than I can count! It was nuts! Thank you for coming to visit us. God changes lives at North Creek and we’d love to have you as a part. Hazel Dell 9:30 – don’t feel left out, I just wasn’t there this week!

Both Chris and Mark preached great messages. Mark spoke the last sermon of our Words series, while Chris finished up Mind Games with a sermon on Anger. Next week is Mother’s Day, so the ladies are taking the stage. We are doing part of our sermon in video so that both campuses can hear from multiple women about either being a mom or the impact that their mom had on their lives. It will be a really uplifting, encouraging, and fun service!

We had to bring in more chairs at Battle Ground! We look forward to the day when we get to add another service. God – fill empty chairs and empty hearts.

James Lundervold blessed us with his presence yesterday in Hazel Dell. He was just a few days old, so he might get the prize for youngest baby ever to attend a service!

We are still believing this is the year of miracles for North Creek. So far it seems that God is definitely holding up His end of the bargain! Are you praying? We aren’t done with 2012 yet…not even close!

Really encouraged as we go forward in our new systems week by week. There are still a billion bugs to work out, but every week seems to be getting exponentially smoother and easier. I guess the moral of the story is to stick with your vision even when you’re not sure what the end looks like. Sometimes you’ve got to finish what you start to see if it’s going to work. That’s a great life lesson…especially for your marriage. Work hard on your marriage until you die and see how it goes…

We got to honor Wayne and Jenny yesterday as well. The former Maple Grove congregation got together and refurbished his sax, so we gave that and another gift to them. We got to thank them for being an example to us that is amazing!

On that note, living for Jesus is the BEST! So thankful that I met him 26 years ago! Have a blessed week!

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