Extreme Makeover: Porch Addition

I’m a big fan of renovation! I love watching things go from being trashy to classy, dumpy to delightful, and from rotten to secure. It’s probably why I’m a ministry-junkie, too. Change is my fuel.

Recently we had our friend, John Day, bring his construction company over and do an extreme makeover on our porch. It caved from a poorly built foundation (that’s a whole other blog all by itself!), so he kindly lent his services to our problem and his team created a masterpiece! I LOVE being on my porch now. I told Mark that we need to haul our bed out there so I never have to leave! Pretty sure I wasn’t joking.

John Day’s company, Rain City, was absolutely awesome to have in my back yard. They were trustworthy, kind, courteous, and did a great job from start to finish. If you have a home renovation project of your own, they do just about everything. You can give John a call at 360-576-8033 for information or a quote. Tell him your from the Coffee Church. Get the change you need in your life!

BEFORE (We had already pulled out the porch.)

DURING (The main deck is down…now for my pergola, railing, and benches!!!)

AFTER (Come on over for a BBQ! We’re ready!)

THANK YOU, JOHN!!! We LOVE your family and we’ll have you over for a BBQ soon so you can enjoy it for yourself!!!

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  1. Rachael said:

    Wow!! that is so cool! I am so glad you got your porch makeover!! That is so awesome! Perfect weather to enjoy it now too!

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