May 22 Highlights

Well, we weren’t raptured, but we still got to be with Jesus this weekend! My thoughts on rapture predictions…REALLY? The Bible is clear that we aren’t going to know when the end is coming. Why would you think that means it will be all over the news, internet, and billboards? Read your Bible. It all doesn’t end with an email warning. Just live your life to the glory of God and stop making Christians look ridiculous. That’s my two cents on the whole deal.

Church was great! We continue to have a flood of new guests every week.

Mark spoke a great message on character. It’s a rare commodity, but one that is worth gold!

Had a deep conversation with Kris Gray about the teenagers perspective of sexuality in this day and age. Bottom line: if you adhere to a belief structure that is outside of the Biblical bounds of a man and woman waiting until the union of marriage to express themselves sexually…you are buying into a depraved mentality. It’s an incredible task to say to this particular generation that PURITY matters deeply to God. It’s not about what we are told, what we wish, or what we feel. It’s about focusing on purity and casting out of our minds any thought that is in opposition to purity. There’s a challenge. Live up to it!

Small groups kicked off with a bang this week. It’s such an awesome opportunity to learn more about each other and Jesus. Have fun getting to know some new faces!

My inlaws are on their way home from a vacation to Mark’s sister’s family in North Dakota. Come home!!!!

As you know, we gave up our salary this month for our building fundraising. I made a “joke” to invite us over for dinner…we’ve gotten lots of invites and I have to say…We have LOVED the excuse to get to know people who might not have invited us over under “normal” circumstances. What a brilliant plan!!! This whole journey of watching what God is using in this step of faith has been AWESOME. It’s been so much more multi-faceted than I had ever dreamed it would be.

Congrats to Greg and Michelle on the birth of their new grandson!

Have a great week!

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