Father’s Day

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Sunday is Father’s Day…first of all, where did the first six months of this year go? It certainly isn’t half over already?!?!?!

Second, I love Father’s Day at church! Honoring our men is important to me. Our society is good at making men look like incompetent idiots on sitcoms, commercials, and talk shows. So often they are the blundering baffoons. That’s not what God thinks! He made men the head of our households, the strong leaders, and our rocks.

I am so glad to have a husband who lives up to that! I see the value of Mark’s role in my kids lives. They need him. They look to him for love, support, goofiness…he plays a different role than I do and that is important. He is currently the only one worthy of pushing them on the swings. Apparently I don’t push them right…hmmmm…

I also carry with me the weight of many tragic stories of the kids and youth in our church. Many of their dads don’t live with them and they have very little contact. These kids need the men of North Creek desperately to play a valuable role in their lives. They don’t need pity, they need a man’s presence…in the kid’s classroom, in youth group, worshipping next to them, modeling for them what a Godly dad looks like.

So, whether you have the best dad in the world or you are the tragic story, we hope to see you on Sunday. The room will be filled with the most amazing guys on the planet. They will be the ones with the hot dogs and root beers in their hands!

  1. Alvina Newell said:

    Well said, Stacy! I, too am proud of my husband and my sons. They are all great fathers!

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