Father’s Day Highlights

Summer has a way of tricking you regarding days. It seems like they are longer and shorter all at the same time…anyway, my favorite day of the week has rolled around once again and it was a great one!

It’s Father’s Day, so we had our traditional grill out front with hot dogs and Dad’s Root Beer. There’s nothing more manly than seeing a bunch of guys standing around eating hot dogs for breakfast. It is very clear that it’s not Mother’s Day.

I loved Mark’s sermon. It was about doing the little things for your kids. He’s really good at that. He takes the kids on silly errands and doesn’t see them as a burden. He saw changing diapers as an opportunity to look his girls in the eyes and tell them how much he loved them. He goes for park visits, bike rides, and reads books. And I know it will make a difference…both now and when he has a 14 year old staring back at him.

We gave every dad a wrench as a reminder that a little tool has a great impact on a project.

We had a new couple at church today. The husband said, “We visited a lot of churches and this one is by far the most interesting.” That was before service. Ironically, he won a roll of duct tape, so he probably left feeling the same way. Who wins duct tape at church??? I love that our church is different and interesting. I think Jesus was probably different and interesting, too.

Kennedy was in a good mood at church today. Thank you, God! I’ll admit that she slept in her purple velvet dress so that I wouldn’t have to wake her up so early…I’m not sure whether that makes me a good mom or a bad one…either way, she was a happy camper. She even quoted me her memory verse at lunch, so thank you to LeeAnn and Rachael for teaching my little girl. All three year olds should quote Scripture.

Keegan and Drew grilled hot dogs all morning for our dads. They are teenagers. How cool is that? By the way, the hot dogs were from Cash and Carry. Never had so many people ask before…

We estimate that we’re going to have over 30 kids and youth going to camp. That’s amazing! The ones who need scholarships are actually working for their money by delivering postcards for advertisment. They really want to go to Bible camp and that makes me excited. Anytime a teenager will work for something, that’s a win!

Mark showed a great video at church today of how precious the little things are to our kids. You can watch it here, if you missed it: Watch Delaney’s Video

Thank you to all of the men in our church. You are making an effort to be the best men and dads on the planet and it’s gonna pay off. You’re the best!

  1. Ellen said:

    Kanin & I both enjoyed Mark’s Father’s Day sermon! We enjoyed both videos,too. He enjoyed the video of Mark & his daughter waiting for a bike ride! Thank you!

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