Labor of Love

I’m working on our upcoming baptisms on July 5. This is a labor of love for me! There is nothing I enjoy more than watching people make a public commitment to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives. I know all of their stories. I’ve watched them struggle, grow, learn, make choices, and ultimately they have arrived at a place that is sacred…yes, I will bring all of my imperfect self to the edge of the water and let Jesus make me clean and holy.

We currently have 9 people signed up to get baptized, which is awesome! Five elementary age kids, one teenager, and three adults. Each life represents so much to me. They are each a piece of why Mark and I leveraged our lives for this church. They are a piece of my heart. They are a piece of God’s greater plan for our community and our world. They are potential and hope. They are companions on a journey that is long, difficult, but very rewarding. They are family.

If you are ready to follow Jesus, it’s time to get baptized. Mark is teaching about it’s plan and purpose next Sunday. Join us to learn more about it and begin to pray now about what God is saying to you about this issue!

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