There’s Something in the Water

Mark and I installed a pond this spring. It’s been quite a hysterical process. We’ve been wrestling with the water and have seen every color from neon green to murky sludge. Four brave goldfish have lost their lives and we’ve unclogged the fountain about 40 times. Then we began breeding mosquitoes, which was horrifying for me. We have stood multiple times, looking upon the pond with great disdain, and yet not ready to give up the battle.

Just in the last week I felt like we may be turning a corner. I got some pond plants that are algae eaters and they seem to be doing their fair share. The flowers at the edge of my pond are beginning to spill over and the horror of the past is beginning to subside. I think we may have even mastered the pH levels of which I am now an expert…

And then yesterday, just to top off the feeling of success, my girls and I discovered a frog peeping out from the lily pads. I love wildlife and my little friend proves that life is possible in my pond of scum…I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. My girls named him Froggy…not creative, but you’ll never confuse him with another species…He was still there this morning and Kennedy took the picture below to prove his existence.

That frog is my silly reminder of the week to look beyond the current scum of your situation and work towards making your life balanced and in order. Some things need to be removed (like dead fish) and some things need to be added (like algae plants). Do some research into your situations and solve your problems. Good luck! And may there be sweet frogs in your future…


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