Michael Jackson and Jesus

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Michael Jackson died yesterday. The articles are nothing short of fascinating to read. The most interesting for me was the reaction that the internet sites had…one man’s death crashed sites all over the world. Twitter, Google, and many other “giants” struggled to keep up with the pace. A man that lived for 50 years and defined so much of modern day music held a power that is difficult to describe. That power transcended horrific allegations, disfiguring surgeries, and an eccentricness that is unmatched even by most celebrities.

It got me thinking about what it’s going to be like when Jesus comes back. Will the world react in shock and internet frenzy? Will the search engines falter at the searches for “Jesus Christ”, “Rapture”, or “Lord of Lords”? Will there be gobs of reporters stacked in front of churches everywhere? Crying people building shrines and hugging teddy bears?

Obviously Michael Jackson left his fingerprint on many lives in the world. I mourn for his family as they suffer the loss of their son and sibling. But now, in the light of reality, my challenge is to allow Jesus Christ to leave His fingerprint on your lives as well. His power, His glory, His awesomeness far outshines all of us…including our celebrities. He deserves our worship and our adoration. He deserves our web searches and He deserves our hearts. He’s not just the King of Pop…He’s the King of Kings.

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