Feb. 19/20 Highlights

After having the flu two weeks ago and being hit with a cold last week, I was praying to be able to be OK by church. I made it! Although it was a bit more exhausting, other than that, I was fine and so glad to be back!

Many of our people who were sick were also back and feeling pretty well, although a new crop of people got hit with this awful stuff. It seems to be extremely prevalent this year! Not fun.

We got a BIG donation of Little People for our Little Adventurer’s! They were in HEAVEN during free time as they tried out all of the new stuff! Thanks, Alex, for making a lot of smiles!

We also got several different food items donated, which was also a blessing for Simply Worship practice and staff meeting. Food makes people happy…

A group from Poulsbo came down on Saturday to do a service project. We had them deliver 1000 postcards for advertising. Thanks for coming and serving us!

Mark preached a sermon on the Rich Young Ruler…that one chapter in the Bible is one that makes me think SO hard about my possessions and God’s expectations of me. It makes my brain hurt…

I stayed away from babies and kids all weekend just to be safe…missed them all!!!

I also avoided getting too close to people or shaking hands, even though I felt fairly normal. It’s strange to be at church and semi-avoid people…not in my DNA…

We had LOTS of new Kids in the Great Adventurer’s at 11:00 am. In fact, there were more new kids than regular kids, which makes for a different class as everybody acclimates!

If you are trying not to laugh because it makes you cough, our staff meeting is a terrible place to be.

We had one family in our church going through a cancer scare this week. After a successful surgery, there will be no chemotherapy, which is AWESOME! We praise God! We love you, Mark and Anne!

We also had a family go through a difficult gall bladder surgery this week and now the mom is up and well! Again, we give God the glory! It was a week that included a lot of prayers for healing for a lot of people we love!

I’ve got a lot to catch up on, but I feel great today and I think I can tackle it all in due time! Have a great week yourself and remember to invite someone to North Creek this week!

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