We Need Some Needs

As part of each semester of our small groups, each group is told to do a service project that benefits the community. They usually come my direction looking for great ideas, so I thought I would pass this along and see if you could come up with some new ideas to make a difference in Vancouver.

Here’s some boundaries:

1. Preferrably, these projects can be completed in one day.
2. I’ve got lots of ideas that require lots of money…we could really use more needs that require less money.
3. Our groups are 10-15 people, plus children. It’s always nice when everybody can be involved.
4. It doesn’t have to directly involve helping people. One group planted trees for Salmon Creek Park last year, which was a great way to help even though it didn’t require being hands on with individuals.
5. Projects where one of our groups just shows up and provides manpower is usually best. Most groups are not looking to plan events, but rather come alongside great organizations within our community.

If you have a brilliant idea, but it doesn’t fit within the boundaries, tell it anyway. Some groups like to be outside of the boundaries…

Thanks for your input!

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