February 1 Coffee Church Highlights

I hope you enjoyed our National holiday known as the Super Bowl! ūüėČ

We had great services across the board! Then we finished the day with full houses all over the Vancouver and Battle Ground area of people from North Creek suffering the Seahawk loss together…gosh, that was a rough one!

We are kicking off our next series, Treasure, this month.¬† I love when the church talks about money!¬† It’s an area that brings up a lot of emotions, but it’s also an area that we, as Americans, are in bondage¬†over.¬† We worry about money, we spend money we don’t have¬†on things to make¬†us feel better,¬†we fail to appropriately save money, and we struggle to give money.¬† No wonder the Bible has 800+ verses that relate to our passion for money and possessions.¬† There is freedom in obedience and I wish the whole world could know that freedom.¬† The “blessing” of being born in America is clouded with credit cards, materialism, and greed.¬† What if the blessing of how much we have was to unify together to change the world?

Growth Groups kick off next week again.  You still have time to sign up, but get there sooner than later as the spots are getting limited!  You can find the registration at www.coffeechurch.com.  We will be doing a Bible study on the second half of the book of Mark, which will be a moving moment leading up to Easter.  Join us!

Did you know North Creek is just 8.5 years old?¬† We have come a long ways and I’m excited to watch God continue to bring to fruition our hopes and dreams for our church!¬† We are glad to have you as a part.

Our youth ministry from Hazel Dell showed up to clean up a park yesterday.  Nothing more amazing than a bunch of teenagers walking about our community with trash bags just to do their part!  They also get to go to Generation Unleashed Conference this weekend.  Take a moment and pray that God would deeply impact their hearts.

Our family went to the OSU gymnastics meets at the Gill Coliseum last Friday.  We had a great time watching the college girls do some amazing gymnastics.  Seems almost impossible to do what they do!

Are you¬†praying for your pastors?¬† We’d love to be on your prayer list as we lead this body.¬† We cannot do it alone!

We are praying for you!  We often go through our list and lift you up to God.  We are praying that God would help you be obedient, generous, and full of faith.  He wants you to live a crazy adventure of faith in Him.  I hope you do nothing less!

Be blessed!

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