January 25 Coffee Church Highlights

Well Sunday was fun!  North Creek got the privilege of welcoming another baby to our midst…we seem to celebrate A LOT of babies…  Josiah and Vanessa (BG Kid’s pastor) had their second boy, Daylon Nicholas!  We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with them!

Mike and Alecia over at Hazel Dell also announced their next pregnancy.  Their daughter was wearing a shirt letting us all know, but I missed it!  Not my fault that her little smile distracted me! 🙂  Congrats to them!!!

It was nice for Mark and I to be back at church after our vacation to Arizona.  We had a phenomenal time and really enjoyed getting to know a new state!  In just a few days we visited the Grand Canyon, went hiking at Cathedral Rock in Sedona, spent a couple days at the pools in Phoenix, went to Kennedy’s gymnastics meet, and drove through Tucson to the Kartchner Caverns.  Truly a wonderful experience!

Growth Groups opened for registration on Sunday.  You can sign up at www.coffeechurch.com.  We’ll be studying the second half of the book of Mark.  It’s going to be a very moving experience as the book of Mark will walk us through the crucifixion and resurrection right up to the week of Easter.  Jump in and be a part of this journey with us!

Mat Marbrey (BG youth pastor) preached over the last couple of weeks at our campuses.  Isn’t he cool?  Such a solid guy with a good head on his shoulders!  He talked about owning your story of redemption and using it for the glory of God.  If you missed it, you can catch it online!

When you make a change, keep the change.  So often in ministry we see people fight to overcome a struggle in their life and then the next week they turn back to their old ways.  Keep the change!  Make one change at a time and keep at it until it’s your habit and lifestyle.  One change made permanent is better than a life lived without principle.

We need some more volunteers at our Sunday services!  We need one person in every area at both campuses.  If you’ve been attending and just haven’t jumped in yet, would you go to www.coffeechurch.com and sign up for something that makes you excited?  We only use volunteers once a month, so it’s a great way to make a difference without a big commitment.

Would you also consider giving to North Creek this year?  Giving releases your heart.  If you want to love the Church and ministry, give!  It’s a crazy, backwards idea, but where your treasure is, there your heart is.

It’s all going to be incredible in the end.  If it’s not incredible, it’s not the end!  Go read Revelation and don’t quit, yet.  You got this!  Go change the world!





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  1. David R. Hinshaw said:

    My Treasure

    I have no riches piled high, in this world to get me by
    Gold and silver have I none though I travail from sun to sun
    I work for what is just and fair, if that be just a pauper’s share
    I’d rather as a pauper die, than not pass through the needles eye

    I would tell who cares to know, my treasure is not here below
    My treasure will consist thereof, whatever I’ve laid up above
    I will find when this life’s passed, what’s done in heaven’s name will last
    And any other route I go will leave me empty hands to show

    I’ll send my treasure to the sky and then reclaim it by and by
    For if a holy life I live and just a cup of water give
    In Jesus name to those who thirst, the last will then become the first
    And my reward will multiply in my eternal home on high


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