Five Days Until We Merge…

Lots of thoughts running through my mind this week! In five days, we will be full force into stitching two churches together in one common vision, direction, and mission with the intent to launch fresh on April 8, 2012. It seems overwhelming on one front, but on the other, we are miles ahead of where we could be. Here’s my thoughts about this crossroads:

We began to prepare for a multisite situation from Day 1 of North Creek Church. We have established key speakers, created a very large and united team, and developed processes that could be replicated in an instance. What should be a time of panicing and getting people onboard is not what we are experiencing at all. On one hand is a mountain of work, but on the other is a solid foundation to build on.

Our staff team is probably more emotional about the change than most other people. It has been interesting to navigate and walk through each person’s new realities. EVERYONE’S job is shifting and changing a bit, so it’s uncertainty on all fronts. We deeply love our staff, so it’s a fine balance of allowing them the time they need to process, but still moving the ball down the court. So far, so good!

I am also humbled by my inbox full of new volunteer applications…and that’s just from the Hazel Dell side of the fence! Battle Ground will get the opportunity to volunteer next week! Nobody seems to be waiting until the last minute to engage, but rather we can begin to train many new leaders this month so that next month is in full swing. There would be NO WAY to do this without the massive number of volunteers that are carrying the weight of ministry.

Our strategy is simple and very clear. Everything we do is through the lens of what a new guest will feel and experience in an hour at our church. We want people to be well communicated to about how we function, comfortable entrusting their kids to our care, clearly hearing the message of Jesus, experiencing quality worship, and to feel like they are welcomed. We look at everything through those parameters and fiercely protect our environments. As we attempt to replicate ourselves, this is our priority.

Work is coming. We have a timeline plan almost ready to unveil about how we will do a major advertising campaign and renovate a building over the course of the next few weeks. There is just a lot of physical labor…nothing new for our ministry!

So, that’s some of what we are facing as we stare into the face of a new future. I’m excited! Stay tuned for more information about how you can be a part!

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