February 26 Highlights

Back to business at the Coffee Church! We loved our vacation, but we also love our lives, so it was nice to be home!

I got to lead a group of young girls in KidCity…man, their questions and comments are awesome! Although I used the word “Hell” (correctly in a sentence) and got lambasted by a bunch of second graders for swearing…lesson learned!

Met a family yesterday with 13 children under the age of 18. Yeah, I’m impressed as well.

Alissa and Nate Johnson lead worship yesterday! Great job to both of you! Alissa will be jumping over to Battle Ground in the next few weeks and we can’t wait!

Our newest baby, Noah Fletcher, came to visit us yesterday! He topped the scales just over 5 pounds, so you can imagine how tiny he seems! He came early, but healthy and whole, so we are glad to see him already. Congrats to Tony and Janelle!

Our team spent yesterday afternoon at the Battle Ground campus formulating our transition and renovation plan. So much fun to dream and scheme for North Creek Battle Ground. We will be having several work days scheduled and will let you know about those ASAP. We want both campuses pitching in to help as there is plenty to do and five weeks to do it! Not a problem.

Mark finished up preaching on Paul. Love everything about Paul’s journey. He was an all-or-nothing type of guy and I appreciate that very much!

If you are a good seamstress and have some free time for a fairly big project, would you email me at stacy@coffeechurch.com? I once sewed a pair of shorts with one leg…

Lots of questions about what our plans are with our new campus…here it is in a nutshell:

Make it esthetically look like our current campus. For those of you who haven’t gotten to visit yet, we look alot like a giant Starbucks…except with reclaimed materials.

Implement our systems and processes into Battle Ground…our Kid’s Checkin, Small Groups, etc.

Develop a preaching schedule with dual speakers by hiring another full time communicator.

Double our worship team using our current members, Maple Grove’s current members and new recruits…we really need two more drummers overnight.

Double our Kid’s Ministry Teams from KidCity to the nursery. Vanessa Thalhofer will be added as the Battle Ground Children’s Pastor. We need about 10 new volunteers between the two campuses in this one area.

To start, we will be bussing the teenagers to Hazel Dell on Thursdays, but that is with the agenda to create another youth ministry in Battle Ground as soon as it is feasible.

We also need to launch an advertising campaign in the next few weeks that let’s Battle Ground know we are launching.

Just a couple of things to do! šŸ™‚ Here we go! We can’t wait!

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