Home Sweet Home!

Ready or not, we’re back from our trip to San Diego where we soaked up as much sun as we could! We had a great time playing with our kids and having fun at Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, the Safari Park, and a couple of beaches, too! We packed a lot of fun into six days. Here’s our highlights and insights from our trip:

1. If you don’t believe in God, spend a week looking at animals. There’s so much creativity and uniqueness! All of creation really does shout the name of God!

2. The trainers at Sea World can get animals to do far more than most of us can train our children to do. I was most impressed at the trained cats. Seriously, if you can get a cat to do what you want it to at a moment’s notice, you’ve got talent.

3. If everybody getting off of the River Ride is soaking wet, it is foolish to assume that your family will be the one family to go through a waterfall and be dry on the other side. Wishful thinking and stupidity often go hand in hand. That is precisely why the human dryers at the end of the ride are constantly full at $5 a pop.

4. If it is in the 60’s and you are from Washington, your kids will go swimming in the pool at 9:00 am. The hotel workers wearing their sweaters will look at you like you are nuts.

5. Mark has always wanted to go to Chick-fil-A. We decided to go for lunch on Sunday. That is only made more funny by the fact that Mark has always been impressed because they are closed on Sundays to honor God. We honored God at Wendys instead.

6. It was awesome to stop thinking about everything and just have family time. We did a great job disconnecting and are now very much excited to get the job done! Here we go!

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