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We got a surprise guest with us this week! Chelsey Jones, an 18 year old graduate that I’ve known since she was a toddler, drove down to spend a couple of days with us. My girls LOVE Chelsey! She’s naturally the life of the party and that goes for kids, too! Delaney has pretty much stalked her since the moment she arrived.

“Chelsey sit by me.”
“Chelsey do my nails.”
“Chelsey swim with me.”
“Mom, wake Chelsey up so she can play.”
“No, really, Mom, when is Chelsey going to get up?” Yes, it was 7:37 am at the time.

It’s been non-stop! I’m perfectly fine with Delaney emulating Chelsey because Chelsey has lived a life worth following. When I was watching my daughter try to dance like her, I thought, “Chelsey, continue to live well because that’s MY daughter who is watching you.” The stakes are high in my eyes. If my child is watching every move she makes, I want those choices to be Christ-like.

I wonder if that is how God is looking at all of us with the same lens. “My child, continue to live well because that’s MY son or daughter who is watching you.” And the stakes are often times measured in eternity in the eyes of God.

We need to live up to God’s best, not because of some twisted condemnation or “rules”, but because God has trusted us with the opportunity to be examples to others. You are “dancing” and someone is watching you whether you realize it or not. Dance as unto the Lord.

Chelsey, go change the world! And don’t forget that two little girls in Vancouver are watching you. And I’m glad they are.

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