Giving Back

Yesterday was an ironic day! Two years ago New Life at Renton gave us $11,000 as an offering. That one offering bailed us out of a tight financial pinch and launched us into a new season of giving and growth as a church. We probably wouldn’t have made it through that season without their timely blessing. Yesterday, on the same weekend that they came through for us two years ago, North Creek took an offering for them. November 1 was their Miracle Offering Day to take more than $500,000 for their building campaign. Together we raised $1200 to help make that possible.

I’m really proud of North Creek. Honestly, our own bank account continues to be on shaky ground, at best, in the financial realm. We are still a young church and we walk a fine balance between our giving and our financial obligations. Every month we weigh out the same question…is EVERY check we write honoring to God? Can we cut out any waste? Should we add a financial commitment because God wants His money somewhere else? We certainly don’t have storehouses of cash to hand out to mega-churches. But that’s the point…it’s not about who has more and who is in need all of the time. It’s about our own hearts and BELIEVING that we serve a God who rewards us for doing the RIGHT thing…not the practical thing.

We need to give for our own growth. We, as a church, need to stretch those giving muscles and watch God do the miraculous. And that’s exactly what we did yesterday! It’s an exciting time for us and I look forward to future!

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