Simply Miraculous

Sometimes I think that we miss the miracles in life because we don’t stick around long enough or dive deep enough into people’s lives to see them. This week I was a bystander to literally one of the most amazing miracles that I have ever experienced in ministry. It’s someone else’s personal story, so it’s not my place to share the details, but I feel the need to say that GOD IS AT WORK in the lives of people. We serve a God who performs the miraculous. He heals lives, hearts, bodies. He restores relationships and He redeems the unredeemable. He is ABLE.

Sometimes we look at the middle of the circumstance and frame our view of God. Our human flesh is SO short-sighted. God always shows His awesome power in the end, so if you don’t see the awesomeness of God, it’s only because you’re in the middle. He just isn’t finished yet, so don’t get discouraged in the journey. Live your life with the confidence that God always has the last word.

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