One of Mark and I’s priorities is to do whatever it takes to develop and nurture the relationships that my kids have with their grandparents. I feel like we have a society that has downplayed the role of the grandparent. Not having many memories of my own grandparents, I don’t take lightly the opportunity for my kids to get to know their own.

My girls happen to have four amazing grandparents. They all give something different to my kids and I value so deeply what each grandparent is passing along from their personalities and character.

My dad, Grandpa Gary, gives them a love for animals and the outdoors. He’s the type of man that feeds squirrels by hand and wild birds land on his shoulder. He loves the mountains and is in awe of the wind. He is a tough Montana man with a tender heart for the creatures on this earth.

My mom, Grandma Sandy, holds creativity in her hand. She sees what isn’t and makes it reality. She feeds my girl’s imagination and helps them to see how to create what they want. She makes others want to dream.

Mark’s dad, Grandpa Ivan, loves the beauty of the garden. He walks my girls through the flowers and teaches them about each one. He shows them that in the midst of a difficult world, there is always something beautiful that you can grow in your life. He also cuddles with them and takes a long nap with them when they need to take a break from this busy world.

Marks’ mom, Grandma Alvina, is passing along things that every woman should know. She shows them the delicacies of a good tea party and the hard work of kneeding bread made from scratch. She leaves with my children the words of thousands of prayers for their future and the covering of a grandmother who has walked with Jesus for many years.

I wouldn’t give up any of these “inheritances” for my girls. They are blessed to receive all of the good traits that their grandparents have to give. Trinkets and treasures are what is usually passed down from one generation to the next, but for my girls, all I want is experiences and memories with four of the most valuable relationships that they will ever have.

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