Yesterday! December 27

It was a wild day at church for me yesterday…but then again, the last Sunday of the year is always a little bit odd. People are out of town, some are tired, some want to come because they are in town and want to see how we’re doing…it’s an interesting mix!

Here’s my highlights:

This isn’t necessarily a highlight, but we had the lowest attendance that we’ve had in over 60 weeks…we had just over HALF of what we normally have! The good part of that is that it didn’t bother me. Numbers used to WRECK my morning, but I just looked around and thought, “My family is on vacation…they’ll be back, it’s no big deal!” I’m pretty sure that’s a sign of health in my life.

Out of the half of our people about a third of those were new or haven’t been in a couple of years and were coming back to see us. Talk about getting weirder…I looked around and thought, “Am I in the right building????” But, it was great to see old friends. We had a couple who helped us plant the church, Steve and Debbie, stop by to see how we were doing. So good to see them!

On the last Sunday of every year we “re-preach” our favorite sermon from the year and call it our Encore service. It started as a way to lighten the workload over Christmas week, but now I just think it’s genius because sometimes we need to hear something a few times before it sticks. Yesterday was a sermon about speaking life and building others up. It’s a hard sermon to hear, but one that constantly needs to be before all of us!

Our church was featured in the Columbian this week in a short article about the Big Give that we did last summer with our small groups taking money and blessing random people. Thanks to the Columbian (and Donna) for taking the time to write about us! We appreciate positive representation in our community.

I got an email from the girl I stood in line with at the Survivor Tryouts! Hi Jaimie!

I can’t wait for the New Year. I look back with humility and gratefulness over a year of blogging and love where my life has gone in 365 days. I look forward to the next chapter in my story and the many blessings that God has in store for my life, my family, and this church.

If you weren’t at church this morning, I missed you and look forward to seeing you soon! I hope you had a merry Christmas with your family and friends.

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