Growing, Growing, Growing…

What an exciting time of ministry!  Our church attendance has been climbing steadily and we are now having to question to reality of multiple services in the near future.  As we pull out more chairs every week, I continue to be so impressed by the people of our church.  They are friendly, flexible, welcoming, and genuine.  We get comments weekly about how our church, as a whole, really goes out of their way to care about people and get into their world.  I am most grateful for that!  Church should be the warmest, safest place possible where you really feel like you can enjoy yourself.

The interesting balance is that you always get back what you give.  I watch as those people who are bending over backwards to welcome people also feel the most loved and included.  It’s God’s way of saying, keep pouring out, I’ll keep filling you up!  And He always does.

I look forward to the future!  Every person who walks through our doors changes the DNA of who we are.  It keeps it interesting!  And although I love the DNA that we have had, I look forward to molding and shaping to include more people in the love of Christ.

I love our church and I love our people!

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