Let’s Talk About Purity

I’m finishing up my sermon this week and it’s been a war to write it.  I’m speaking on sexual purity and I find myself wondering how to even define purity in our culture.  It’s a word that we don’t even hear on a regular basis.  Let alone the idea of having a high standard of sexual purity!

I still believe that America can embrace once again the idea of marriage between a man and a woman.  I still believe that we can embrace healthy sex lives within our marriages, while refraining from it outside of marriage.  I still believe that Christians can throw out the trash that the world gives us and raise up to a new standard.  I know that we are constantly told exactly the opposite of what I believe, but I hold tight to the words in my Bible.  I hold tight to the fact that the right way produces fruit in our lives that is worth the cost.

Sexual obedience is a defining issue for the church!  God speaks clearly and strongly about this area in our lives and although it is so easy to fail, that does not hold us faultless.  We must raise up a new generation of teenagers and kids who will fight for purity.  My generation has done a poor job and I’m not impressed by the results.  We have downgraded sex and purity to a level that is pathetic and purposeless. 

As I sit here staring at my computer, I can think of a million easier sermons, but I can’t think of a more important one.  For those of you who are struggling with sexual purity, I implore you to keep fighting.  Move out of that boyfriends house, get internet software and break free from pornography, don’t entertain the idea of an affair for one more minute…fight.  Fight.  FIGHT. 

There is no greater push on my spirit than to see God’s people walk before Him with pure and blameless hearts.  I still believe it’s possible.

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