Growth Groups – Part 1

Our small groups begin next week!  I am VERY excited to see each group begin to take shape.  We are in for a great semester of growing and getting to know some new people.  I wanted to highlight a few options that you might enjoy!

Young Adults

On Tuesday nights Rob and Lori Ball will be drinking coffee and talking about how to make sure your life is used at it’s maximum potential, what could be better?  If you are a senior in high school through mid-twenty somethings, this is going to be a lively group to be around!


Matt and Andrea Garner

I’m just really excited about the curriculum that the Garner’s chose.  It’s from Louie Giglio, one of my favorites, and he takes creativity to the max!  If you want to think about your life and your relationship with God from a different perspective, Louie delivers.  It’s a DON’T MISS THIS curriculum that we’ve never offered before.


Eli and Amber Ricondo

This group has some of my favorite people already signed up for it, so it’s bound to be a good group!  It’s about strengthening our families, too, so who doesn’t want that?  We all want to be the best moms, dads, wives, and husbands, so any tool to equip us for that is welcome!


Football with Dean Dawkins

Sometimes being spiritual simply boils down to doing life with other people who are on the journey with Jesus.  Don’t make it so hard.  Just sign up, eat snacks, and yell at the television.  You can even pray your team wins.


Mark and Stacy Newell

We’ve got some room left and we LOVE to get to know people better.  We want you to be in our group!  Our overarching theme in life is to live the adventure with Jesus, so that’s our curriculum this time and we can’t wait.


I’ll highlight more tomorrow, but you can see the whole list at HERE and get yourself signed up before groups fill up!  Take the leap.





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