Happy 6th Anniversary, North Creek Church

When Mark and I stand in the middle of the foyer at either on of our campuses on any given Sunday morning, we see things much differently than most people.

We see the new mommy who called when the doctors told her she might never have children.  Now she’s so tired she can’t think…but she’s just fine with that.

We see the marriage restored that seemed beyond repair.  We spent a lot of hours in prayer with that one.

We see the alcoholic that raises his hands in worship because he now knows real freedom.

We see the kids laughing with their little friends and I tell them once again to stop running in the foyer.  Secretly, I want them to run.  I want their memories of church to be just that: friends, fun, learning about a God that changes lives.

We see that one lady.  She hugs us every Sunday with a gratefulness that reminds us why we do what we do.  We hug her back with equal appreciation.

We see the teenagers.  They break things, they leave candy wrappers everywhere.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.  They bring energy and life to the room without effort.

We see our friend.  She’s going through a divorce and she’s hurting.  We pray a quick prayer that God would do what God does best.  He’s got this one and we look forward to the end of the story.

We see our Staff Kids.  Man, they sure have grown up in the walls of North Creek.  They are good kids who know the heart of God.  We started this church for them and it pays off every day of our lives.

We see the guy in the back…he’s a bass player and an aquamarine biologist.  He travels the country speaking at symposiums.  He’s sitting next to the people I know from my homeless shelter where I worked.  They have a job, a home, and a car now.  God values and loves that whole row of people just the same…He’s so amazing that way.

We know so many stories that our heads swim with the awesomeness of Jesus.  He has done so many miracles and we get the privilege of being in the background of those moments.  We’re humbled.  Humbled that we get to do ministry.  Humbled that He had us plant this church.  Humbled that you’re here and that you share in the highs and lows with us.  We don’t take it lightly and we don’t forget.

Happy Anniversary to the most amazing gift that God could ever give us…a church family.  We love you, Coffee Church!

Mark and Stacy

September 24, 2012




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