Happy Anniversary!

It has been 12 years since I married my wonderful husband. What a ride! We’ve been youth pastors at 3 churches, had two kids, owned 6 houses, started one church, drank thousands of cups of coffee together, and accumulated the world’s best group of friends and mentors. We have a beautiful life together that we are excited to celebrate. We are blessed beyond measure!

I married Mark because of how much he loved other people. I saw in him a passion to see people become better and fulfill their dreams. I fell in love with him while he was at an alter with a bunch of junior highers. He was crying out to God for a generation. He was also a quality person with a good head on his shoulders. And now, after all of these years, the trait that I am most amazed by is his humility. He doesn’t need to be the best. He doesn’t seek fame from this world, but rather he seeks righteousness in God’s eyes. And the irony is that is what makes him the best. I have never met a man who sets his agenda aside so much in order to carry the mantel of God’s agenda. It is the thing that sets him apart.

Our marriage has been relatively free of crisis, even though we’ve gone through all of the normal stuff together. Shaky finances, getting fired, crankiness, and screaming children…just to name a few. The secret to being happy anyway…choose the right attitude and keep going through the struggles. All problems come to an end eventually and what’s important to me is that Mark and I are together through it all.

Thanks, Mark, for being a great husband and dad! It’s been your primary goal for decades and I’m glad to say that you’ve exceeded your wildest expectations. I love being Mrs. Stacy Newell.

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