Happy Anniversary

Today is North Creek’s two year anniversary!  I feel like we’ve made it through some very critical twists and turns!  A church plant is very similar to a baby.  That first year is key to a person thriving for the rest of their lives, but the second year is all about development.  At our one year anniversary I felt like we were still very dependent on other outside sources for our very life.  We were still receiving gifts and grant money from other churches and our leadership team was spread thin.  We were cautious and change was not an option.  We just needed to stick with the original plan and do our best to survive.

However, at year two, North Creek feels much more like a toddler.  Quite capable of the basics, like feeding ourselves, talking fairly well, and beginning to master some other skills, like dressing!  That translates into church world by paying our own bills, relieving some hard working volunteers with a broader base, and beginning to look at how to best navigate the future for the best growth opportunities.

Much like my own two year old, Kennedy, I see that the most scary work has passed.  A two year old is much more interactive and independent.  The constant supervision and fear subsides and is replaced by laughter, joy, and continued excitement for their development and growth.

We are growing into something pretty exceptional!  I am proud of the direction that we are headed and have full confidence that God will lead, guide, and bless us along the way.  It has been a beautiful experience that I would not change anything about!

I want to say a special thank you to the 39 people who started this journey.  You may never know the depth of love that Mark and I feel towards you and your families.  We know the sacrifice and the loyalty that this has taken!  We can only hope that you have the great joy in your hearts that we have as we hear the stories of changed lives.  Words fall short to describe the adventure that we have shared!  No matter where our paths may lead, you will always hold a special place in the history of North Creek.  We love you!

Thank you!

Jeff and Angela Welk

Joe, Kris, Adam, Kylie, and Drew Gray

Nick, Rachael, Jessica, Ben, and Gabe Yonko

Mike and Alecia Krause

Greg, Michelle and Jake Fitting

Jeremy Macias

Hans, Meghan, Andrew and Isaiah Scheels (and now baby Emma!)

Steve and Debbie Valenta

Greg, Sharon, Gregory, Robbie, and Erin Christie

Kim, Devin, and Kyra Goodrich

Ivan and Alvina Newell

Ryan Rouse

Mark, Stacy, Delaney and Kennedy Newell


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