How’s Hazel Dell?

Someone asked me today how our original campus is dealing with the merge, so I thought I would take a moment to brag on them! Since the moment that the people from our Hazel Dell campus heard about our merge, they have been nothing but excited! They have jumped at the idea of helping, serving, going, and giving in any way that they can. Our teenagers are opening wide the gates of welcoming and can’t wait for new friends to join them. We get daily emails talking about how thrilled our people are for empty seats that God will fill. Every word spoken, every resource given, and every email sent brings tears to my eyes of gratitude.

This show of unflinching support speaks loudly to me that the people who call North Creek home simply get it. They are willing to send half of our staff away to another campus, they are willing to work, they are willing to share their pastors, and they are willing to give their money for something that will give to others what Jesus has given to them. We could not be more impressed with the character, courage, and faith that is flowing out of our church in the last month.

So, thank you, Hazel Dell Campus, for loving our community more than your comfort. Thank you for trusting our vision. Thank you for allowing Mark and I to do what God has asked us to do. We so deeply love being your pastors and our prayer is that you will see this community changed by your willingness to be used by God.

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