March 18 Highlights

Here’s the Hazel Dell Highlights:

Great morning with our guest speaker, Jeffery Portmann! He and his wife are long-time friends of ours and we appreciate him coming down to be a part of the Coffee Church for a morning.

Matt lead a great set of worship! Love that new “White Flag” song, don’t you? Although it’s now constantly running in my head…

We had a bunch of people out yesterday running the Shamrock Run. We’re proud of you, but I will never understand running. In Montana we run when bears are chasing us and that’s about it. Although bears only chase tourists, so I guess that means we never run.

We had to say goodbye to Demetri yesterday. He’s moving to Florida, which is a bummer, because he is an amazing servant who knows a lot about how to make things happen at North Creek. We’ll miss you, Demetri!

And here’s some Battle Ground Highlights:

Mark and Chris went to co-teach on our vision and values. I LOVE when the two of them get to share the stage. They are so different in their giftings, but unified in their communication, so they play off of each other really well.

Alissa lead worship with a full band for the first time at BG yesterday. It went off without a hitch, with many thanks to some guys who went late on Saturday to get the system up and running.

From behind the scenes it was a bit of chaos as we began to figure out how things work at Battle Ground. We’re on a learning curve to get to know people and know what needs to be done. Thankfully, everyone seems to be patient and helpful all around, so we’ll get there soon!

Deaf Church had a good service as well! They meet at 11:30 am on Sundays, if you are ever interested in being with them on a Sunday morning. They experienced the death of a friend this week, so would you take some time and pray for that man’s family?

We have our BIG work weekend coming up this Friday and Saturday for people from both campuses. We’re going Ty Pennington style and doing the whole renovation in a matter of days. Someone should get me a bullhorn… We send out details via email, so if you’re missing that information, email me at and we’ll get you signed up.

Happy Birthday to our Preschool Director, Kelly Eldred! If you are looking for a great preschool next fall, North Creek happens to have one in Battle Ground!

Hope you have a very blessed week!

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  1. Michelle said:

    God is performing miracles. we are uber excited that North Creek is receiving them šŸ™‚

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