I Know, I Know, I Know

A while ago I had an interesting conversation that has stuck with me. A woman was talking to me about living with her boyfriend and then she looked at me with a guilty glance and said, “I know, I know, I know. It’s wrong, but you just don’t understand.” First of all, it’s not about ME understanding. My opinion of your living situation is completely irrelevant. What is important to remember is that it’s about a Holy God who set up boundaries, structure, and a plan for our lives. We find joy and satisfaction when we live our lives in a way that honors Him and we find the opposite when we choose to do what’s wrong when we know better.

That conversation is replicated in my life many times over with many different people. I see a trend that we fall into so easily…we feel that if God just UNDERSTOOD our story, the rules would be different. Purity in our sexuality would just no longer matter if God only KNEW what we’d been through. Choosing not to cheat, lie, or steal would be EASY if we were smarter, richer, or better looking. Honoring our parents wouldn’t be a problem is we had THOSE parents. And on and on and on…

A couple of things to remember: God does understand…and He still says, “Trust me! Choose the RIGHT way every time regardless of all of the reasons to choose the wrong way and I will BLESS you!” As Americans I think we have an entitlement issue when it comes to our needs. If we feel like our physical, emotional, or psychological needs aren’t met, then certainly we have the right to meet them however we deem necessary. That’s just a lie! God never said that He would satisfy your needs now. He said to obey and He will satisfy you when it’s best for you.

Dear Christian, wake up! If you know better, for the love of God, do better. We should be the last people holding on to the leftovers of this world when we have an invitation to the best of God! This world has sold you a truckload of manure and you are building your home in it. If God says that purity is the standard, then pack your bags, draw the line, and do whatever it takes to live according to that standard. Don’t wait another day to watch God unfold His plan for your life.

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