January 15/16 Highlights

Great weekend! Here’s my highlights:

We had a surprise visit from two missionaries, Mary and Jonathan Winters. They are from Indonesia, but are currenty residing in Vancouver. I love having missionaries visit! They are truly heroes of Christianity.

Our small group signup is in full swing and going great. If you plan on being in a group, it’s officially time to get your name on a list. You can see all of our groups on our website at coffeechurch.com under the ministries link.

The worship team was giddy with excitement over our new inner-ear monitors and a click track. We have been saving for four years and thanks to our best ever year of giving in 2010, we made it happen. They sounded awesome yesterday and apparently really appreciated the new equipment.

One claim to fame about North Creek: we have no debt. We have lived without lots of things and saved for them appropriately until we could afford them outright. If you were in charge of our money, that’s what we would want you to do, so since we’re in charge of your money, we do the same. If we do a building project someday, that may be the exception, but we won’t rack up debt and interest payments everytime we need to spend $1000 dollars. That adds up and bites you in the behind down the road. Or maybe God will just dump a few million dollars in our lap and we’ll pay for a whole building in cash….I like that plan!

All three services were within 8 people of each other in attendance. That is PERFECT!!!! Moving the 9:00 to 9:30 made a HUGE difference in both Sunday services. It’s haunting to know that one little change can make such a big difference. What one little thing in your life would make all of the difference????

We are far more concerned with growing a healthy church than a popular one. Ironically, if we are healthy, popularity is inevitable. The reason that most churches don’t go the route of health first is that gimmicks and fast growth are much easier. Constantly correcting, guiding, and molding a church towards being Godly first is MUCH slower in the beginning.

I had to stop two teenagers from kissing in class on Saturday…oh, wait…those were preschoolers…Just wait, Pastor Kris, they will be yours in 8 years!

Speaking of kissing, Mark and I had lunch with one of our young couples after church on Sunday! We are excited for their future and to watch God shape their marriage and life together.

Great message on hope yesterday as well. Where is your ladder leaning? If your hope is in anything but Jesus, your ladder is bound to fall.

Have a great week! Do something for Jesus this week.

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