Today I Woke Up a Gemini

I’ve just got to tell you…I despise zodiac signs. I think reading a horoscope from the newspaper is about as legitimate as taking dating advice from stuff written inside of a bathroom stall. I shudder when people quote their horoscope to determine their daily decisions. I don’t care what the stars tell me because quite frankly, God made them. I’d rather go straight to the source and take His advice about who I am before some stars that He put in alignment.

This outrage is only compounded by the news that is coming out today that the zodiac signs are changing because of the moon’s gravitational pull. My whole life I have been told that Cancer’s are loyal, attached to family, emotional, sensitive, and moody. My first complaint has always been that most of that is completely the opposite of me! Thank goodness that I didn’t try and live up to my dear horoscope because all of this time I would have been trying to be someone that I clearly am not.

The better news is that apparently that shift in the universe has righted this horrific wrong in my life. I am apparently now a gemini because the stars say so. Gemini’s are energetic, clever, imaginative, witty, impulsive, and devious. That is just much more fitting if you know anything about me. But here’s the problem that I still have with zodiac signs and horoscopes…they can apparently change.

I don’t know about the God that you serve, but my God NEVER changes. And the best news of all…what He says about who I am NEVER changes. No matter what I do, no matter what happens to me…every promise He made, every declaration over my life…it’s all still true. No gravitational pull moves my God.

If you are going to read a passage everyday about who you are and what you should do, there’s a better plan. Pour the Bible out over your life and see what happens in you and through you. You see, my sign is “Child of God”. I don’t have to worry about what catergory anyone else wants to put me in.

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