January 24 Coffee Church Highlights

Good things are happening!  After a mountain of transition last year we are settling in to our new normal and doing well!

We are in the middle of preaching on 1 Peter and it’s been a great series out of a solid book.  If you haven’t read 1 Peter yet, dive in and wrestle with all the nuggets of wisdom!

Our Growth Groups are open!  We are doing them a bit differently this time.  We will be having a discussion about the sermon series and the Scripture from the sermons.  They will also be meeting EVERY OTHER week, so if you have a crazy schedule, you can still be a part!  We also have a young adults discussion group for those of you who are a little younger.  REGISTER HERE

andreaThis weekend we got to announce that Andrea Garner is our new Children’s Pastor!  She has been overseeing Nursery and Tiny Town for several years and we’ve broadened her role to include Kid City as well.  She has a beautiful heart to grow our children in the basic disciplines of prayer, reading your Bible, giving, and serving.  I encourage you to send your child with their Bibles, as they spend time in a small group looking at the Word.  Welcome Andrea!  Even though you’ve been here for 5 years! 🙂

We are STILL in negotiation for our Battle Ground building, only now we have a couple of groups interested in the property, so that’s good!  Commercial property is complicated, so this process just takes time.  We will keep you updated, but it’s not quick…

Are you praying and worshipping Jesus throughout the week?  If you only spend time with Jesus on Sunday, you’ll find yourself dry in your walk with Jesus.  The church’s job is not to be your only source, but rather a gathering place for people to rejoice together in all that God is doing through their time with Him throughout their daily lives.

We want you to volunteer at North Creek!  It is by far the easiest way to feel like a part of your church.  We have several opportunities on Sunday morning or our youth ministry on Thursday nights.  You can also host or lead a growth group throughout the week.  You can find a link to volunteer at www.coffeechurch.com.

God is good.  Walk THROUGH all that you are facing with that in mind.  You will find that steps of obedience and faith strengthen you exponentially!  You can do this.  You can thrive.  You can be an overcomer!

I love you all and am praying for you.  Be blessed!


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