January 29 Highlights

God has been up to something really cool in the last month at the Coffee Church! We are seeing our people engage in prayer, fasting, seeing God’s hand move their mountains, and growing in our “foolish faith!”

Here’s this week’s high points:

Congrats to Matt and Andrea Garner (Worship Leaders) for celebrating one year of being with us yesterday! We are glad to call you family and love you very much!

Fifteen years ago yesterday Mark proposed to me at New Life Church in Renton, Washington. We were youth pastors and he proposed in front of a couple hundred teenagers. I’m thankful everyday for the marriage that we have and look forward to many more years together!

Obviously a high point is our Miracle Announcement yesterday (see previous blog) about the potential of an additional campus and new partnership with what is currently Maple Grove Church. We are BURSTING with excitement about the possibilities of what is to come! Mark and I pray all the time for “more room for empty seats that He will quickly fill”. Let’s get going!

Our team is also equally excited! Anytime you mention teenagers, our youth pastor, Kris Gray, gets giddy. She’s the best!

Small groups began last week and we are hearing great things! We have some more people who are jumping in this week and then we will be off and running on a journey of growth.

I volunteered in KidCity yesterday. They were talking about the story of Esther, which is one of my favorites. It was awesome to talk in my small group with the kids about doing the right thing no matter what the consequences. Quite the way to live your life!

Interesting fact about the upcoming church transition: we are great friends with Maple Grove’s current pastors. We met them ten years ago when we moved to the Vancouver area. Also, Wayne was North Creek’s board president when we first launched and was an amazing encouragement to us during a trying journey of launching. We look forward to introducing you to them as soon as possible!

We also can’t wait to meet everybody from Battle Ground! It’s going to be awesome to pool the different giftings and personalities that are represented in our two churches. People are our greatest resource to make a difference in our community! Buildings and equipment help, but people are priceless. I have a feeling that everything both churches need to reach our county is sitting in seats at either campus. I am waiting in anticipation to see how God works this all out!

So much more to say, but it will have to wait for another day. Be blessed this week!

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