So Here’s the Miracle…

I love when God births in our hearts something a decade or two before we actually see it come to fruition. It lets us know that our steps are ordained and HE DOES NOT FORGET. That’s what happened in our lives this week. A ten year old dream that we have kept believing for has been set into motion. Here’s the story…

When we were youth pastors we said, “What if we could replicate everything we are doing and take it to the other side of our city? Most of the work is already done, but geographically we can go further faster as we disciple people into a growing relationship with Jesus.” It was the idea of a multi-site ministry that would never come to pass during our tenure as youth pastors.

We carried that dream with us into church planting and have feverishly worked to go multi-site. For about five years we have dreamed, planned, and tried to make it happen, knowing that if we could just be in multiple locations we would have a greater impact on our community. But it just didn’t work out the way we planned…until this week.

This week the pastor and board of Maple Grove Church in Battle Ground began the process to vote to allow their church to become our church. They would be lending their strengths to our strengths and together we can accomplish more. It would be the opportunity that would allow North Creek Church to have their second campus in Battle Ground, Washington in just a couple of months.

We could not be more shocked or excited about this opportunity! We believe that this is a God-ordained win/win situation for both churches and an answer to prayer on both sides. It is a miracle!

So what does that look like?

For the Hazel Dell campus it actually doesn’t look much different at all. It does mean we’ll need some new leaders, new volunteers, and to continue to press on toward our goal of a permanent building for this campus. It means that some of our current people who live closer to Battle Ground may choose to go to a new campus. It means that some of our current team might not be there on a particular Sunday because they are at another campus. But overall, life at Hazel Dell will function very similarly to what it does now, but all the while knowing that more people are hearing about Jesus at their church 20 minutes away.

For the Battle Ground campus, it would look a lot different. It would look like some new staff. It would look like a new way of doing things from small groups to youth ministry. It would look like new advertising in the community and new life for that church. It would look like opportunity for people to dream and grow in new ways. This would not be a video-venue campus, but rather we would utilize our wealth of teaching pastors to accommodate both campuses. We are blessed with amazing communicators and will utilize those gifts! We would be decorating that church to look precisely like the Hazel Dell Campus, so that both campuses feel like the Coffee Church.

We want you to know that Maple Grove’s current pastor and board are not in the slightest bit disheartened with this decision. They are full of anticipation, ready to see change, and excited for the message of Jesus to be flowing in their community. This is a season of rejoicing and excitement and with that we say, “TO GOD BE THE GLORY!”

We know that you will have a mountain of questions as we go through this process to launch North Creek Battle Ground. Feel free to email Pastor Mark at anytime and also count on the fact that we will be communicating regularly as we navigate the future. Here we GROW!

  1. Silvana said:

    I have been waiting for a long time, but at last you are coming….I am excited and look forward seeing you with my family in Church in Battle Ground WA.
    🙂 Silvana and family

    • Stacy Newell said:

      Welcome back, Silvana!

  2. Kristin Cox said:

    We are excited to be included in this new transition. We are looking forward to the merge and to see what God will have in store for us next. We will keep our eyes centered on Christ, sit back, and watch the blessings flow!
    Kris Cox

    • Stacy Newell said:

      Thanks, Kris! I’ve heard LOTS of great things about you from our Kris and can’t wait to get to know you. And I have an amazing picture of Jordan making grape juice come out of his eyes from a LONG time ago! Never forget that kid!

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