January 3

It’s the first service of a new year, a new decade, and a new season for North Creek.

Today was a great day to start it all off. Mark challenged the church to read the New Testament in it’s entirety in the first 90 days of the New Year…starting today. No problem. It’s only 15 minutes a day and worth every minute! If you’d like to join us, go to www.coffeechurch.com for the daily Bible reading plan. Or just read three chapters a day until the beginning of April…that should just about do it!

I was super tired and Alvina and LeeAnn made the best vanilla latte to start my day…ahhhh….nothing like a hot cup of coffee to smooth out the wrinkles in the morning! It’s the little things that make a difference!

Lee just finished reading the whole Bible. WAY TO GO! God has awesome and amazing things for his future. Obedience opens doors to miracles.

Lots of people were back from vacation and it was so good to see most people again! We still have some finishing up vacations today, so I look forward to seeing everybody else soon.

Worship was great today! We have a talented team of musicians and singers.

Some great quotes from Facebook today:

Embracing the challenge presented to me at this mornings sermon and looking forward to the new me that will emerge…….

I am going to be different in 2010. I am goint to take the opportunity to grow and change to become something different in the new decade. I am up for the challenge are you?

Excited for the challenge at church, thru the new testiment in 90 days. I even challenged the munchkins to complete it also.

Lots of new faces at church today! It’s fun to wonder what kind of relationship you may have with people in the future. You never know when someone has walked through the doors of the church and they will change your destiny!

Mark and I had pizza with Chris, Gina, and Isaiah Harold tonight. Not planned, but really fun to be with great people dreaming for what might be in the future. I assume that we probably can’t even guess what God will unfold in 2010, but it’s fun to try anyway! It’s so fun to serve God and live the adventure!

My goal this week is to get everything done ahead of time and take Saturday off for family stuff. Here’s to working hard!

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