July 10 Highlights

We landed from our Los Angeles to Portland flight at 9:00 pm on Saturday and we were in the church building at 7:30 am on Sunday. Pretty sure our family was FRIED! Luckily we had planned easy mornings for ourselves with just greeting and a baby dedication, so we skated through and enjoyed telling everyone about our Disneyland adventures.

Congrats to the Torres family as we dedicated Grayson! This family has been with us since nearly the beginning and they are WONDERFUL! We love doing life with them and have enjoyed dedicating three of their kids in the last several years.

Chris Harold preached, which is always a treat! He spoke on serving and I loved it! If you feel prompted to get your hands dirty at North Creek, fill out a form at www.coffeechurch.com under the resources link. We’ll get you situated quickly!

We had one of our highest attendances yesterday…yes, that’s how we do July. We usually have strong attendance all summer. Strange, but true.

Matter of fact, we are moving the sound booth this week (and next) in order to get an additional dozen chairs in the 11:00 service. That will alleviate some of the rows that we have to add in the far back. If you are free on Wednesday to help get this process started, get ahold of us!

Rachael is also working on streamlining the kids check in. Our system is feeling the weight of growth, so we will adjust and keep going forward! A couple of ways you can help: If you don’t have kids, please avoid hanging out in that area. If you do have kids, clear out quickly from that back corner so that we can keep the line as smooth as possible. We also need more volunteers to help get kids in and out. It’s the shortest and easiest commitment on our list!

Does anyone have a couple of million dollars? We’re cramped and could really use a new location… www.19centsoffaith.com…Such a good problem!

I love the stories of life change! Still reeling from the 13 baptisms last week and knowing that those kids, teens, and adults are DIFFERENT because of Jesus!

Mark and I both got to work in the kids class today. Seriously…you’ve got to go and hang with your kids every once in a while. My daughters light up when we are in there dancing to their worship songs and learning their lessons. We have a parent pass at the check in, which allows you to visit any Sunday!

It was Lee Malone’s birthday yesterday! He’s a great part of our team!!!!

I’m glad that coming back from vacation is just fine because I love our life here. And I’ll love it more after a few days rest!

In honor of Disneyland…May you have a magical week!

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