You’ve Got to BEE Kidding!

Apparently we have had 20,000 or so “guests” living on the right side of our church building for the last couple of months! These honey bees made their home with us, but due to the danger of them, they needed to find a new home. A local bee keeper came on Monday and opened up their nest, cut out several layers of honeycomb, scooped up, vacuumed up, and boxed up all of our little bees. They will live out the rest of their lives happily making honey in their new place! I thought I would share some of the pictures because the process was FASCINATING!

  1. Katie Perron said:

    Wow! I could barely look at the pictures with out getting all itchy and squirmy. What an amazing site though.

  2. Kathy Steinmann said:

    What an amazing site! To think that God created bees for such an amazing work. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

    • Ron said:

      Awesome….! Thanks for getting the pic’s!

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