July 19

Highlights from my morning at church:

Isaiah gave me the best hug ever. He’s 3. I often joke about my daughter, Kennedy, marrying him. However, I’m pretty sure that I’ve stopped joking and started fasting and praying about it… Anyway, you feel the most important when a kid thinks you’re important. He didn’t hug me because of a title or a position; he hugged me because he was just plain excited to see me. That makes me more important than anything else.

My other daughter attended the Great Adventure class for the first official time this morning. A season passed and a new one is here. She is in a new league now. Our children’s pastor just went up a notch on my list of people to pray for. Now she has MY child. I want to serve her in any way possible to make that experience incredible for my kid.

Mark said to me this afternoon, “We are so blessed. The people of North Creek are the most generous, talented, amazing people I know.” It is a sign of a healthy church when the lead pastor is happy on Sunday afternoon.

I love the Bible. I read it everyday and I think everyone else should to. It makes you smarter. Being smart is a good thing.

Chrystal decorated the stage without my involvement this week. She had a team of people around her and it turned out great! Very fairytale-like. I am working hard to step out of ministries and let people lead. She did fantastic and I am glad that she got to experience a “win” in that job.

Mark preached on unity. It an important thing that I think our church does really well. There’s not a lot of drama and gossip. I can do without drama and gossip completely.

I hope that you have a great week!

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