Reflections from Year 32

Today is my 33rd birthday! Here are my thoughts and reflections where I’m at in life:

I have absolutely the best friends and family. I am surrounded by quality people most of the time and I consider that a blessing beyond measure. Some “friends” need to be edited from your life. I call them Drainers. They just suck the life out of you. My friends just keep pouring into me until I don’t know how to handle all of the blessing and wisdom.

I think my legacy (and Mark’s too) will be the broad base of leadership that we surround ourselves with. We have a very unique ability to put everyone on the team…whether they want to be or not. There’s always room for one more chair in leadership! I think God is going to use that in amazing ways in our world as North Creek becomes a model for other churches.

I don’t receive well. I’m going to work on that. It’s important to let people bless you and to enjoy the blessing.

I have a heart for short term missions, so I’m heading in that direction this year. I’m giving away some of the other jobs that I love to focus on missions trips and serving our community. Get ready to leave the country, North Creek!

I spend too little time laughing with my kids and too much time on my computer. I’ve been working on balance and I intend to keep working hard on that.

I really want to write a book. As soon as I figure out what God wants me to write about, I’ll do it. I’m praying…

I love my garden. It’s my source of solitude and I need it…like some of you need music to worship, I need dirt.

Church planting was one of the top 5 highlights of my life. This church is a blessing. It teaches me something daily. I am a better person than I was three years ago and I know I’ll be a better person three years from now.

I married well. If I could teach a teenager one thing it would be to marry a really good person that loves Jesus with all of their heart. Everything else changes in ten years anyway…

Life is too short to worry about dumb things. Dumb things might include finances…I’m pretty sure about that.

Enjoy every day. I want to live my life to the fullest and look back with fond memories of it all. That includes the screaming children that are disobeying behind me…guess it’s time to get off the computer!

  1. Good advice and somehow managed to keep your sense of humor! Way to go!

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