July 3 Highlights

Happy July 4th Weekend! We live in the GREATEST nation in the world. We freely live and freely love our God. I hope that you will take time this weekend and tell someone about Jesus…just because you can! I am so proud of our country and the foundation that it was built upon.

Today we had church at the park and it was AWESOME! Congrats to Adelina,Jessica, Adam, Shahla, Peter, Kaylyn, Chelsey, Michaela, Natasha, Kassie, Cody, Meghan, and Brendan for being baptized today! Your commitment to Christ is the greatest decision you will ever make and we are honored to be a part of your story.

We had pretty good weather considering the ups and downs of Washington summers!

Thank you to Alvina for the scones and Lora for the donuts! We had a great time sharing breakfast with 200 of our closest friends!

Our teens are home from camp. One Facebook said, “Bottom Line. Camp changed my life. Jesus is so incredible. What a beautiful wonder He is. He makes beautiful things out of us. ♥” Love that!

I love watching the kids play in the water together! Not only do I want our kids to learn about Jesus at church, but I also want them to have opportunities to make lifelong friends that have the same values and morals. It is so important to have a group of people in your life who will walk in wisdom and godliness alongside of you!

Mark and I are on vacation for the upcoming week! I am intentionally going to leave Facebook and emails aside as much as feasibly possible in order to enjoy my family. I am keenly aware of how important disconnecting is every once in a while. It gives the opportunity to refocus, refresh, and rest!

Stayed tuned to my blog while I’m on vacation. I’m reposting some of my favorite bloggers!

Enjoy this gorgeous week, stay safe with the fireworks, and remember how awesome true freedom in Christ is!

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