July 7 Coffee Church Highlights

We started our July series Age of Kings and I couldn’t be more excited!  It’s a bit of a history lesson and a Bible lesson all wrapped in one, so it’s a great way to understand the framework of the Bible better.  Josiah preached on King Josiah (very fitting!) at Hazel Dell and Jim preached on King Hezekiah at Battle Ground.

We are blessed with lots of talented speakers at North Creek and in July we showcase many of them.  It makes for an interesting and diverse summer!  I don’t want to miss one!

A year ago this weekend we had three babies born within three days.  So surreal to see them all walking around now with hilarious personalities to match!  I appreciate all of our young families so much because I know what kind of commitment it takes to get everybody out the door on a Sunday!  On the flip side, I also see them developing friendship amongst each other that will last a lifetime.

I hope you had a great 4th of July!  We crammed in two wonderful parties on the same day and ate our way through the afternoon and evening.

I asked 30 different people this weekend to spell Jehoshaphat…no one got it right.  I’m preaching next week at Hazel Dell on this fabulous character, so come and hear about his story even if you can’t spell his name.

We are taking on some painting projects at the Battle Ground campus on Tuesday from 9:30-4:30.  If you’d like to help, we’d love to have you any time!

One of my favorite moments on Sunday was greeting a 3 year old girl at the door.  I told her I liked her dress to which she promptly lifted it up to her chin and said, “I have shorts on underneath so when I do this, you can’t see my panties!”  Best greeting ever!  That being said, do not, under any circumstance, greet me like that if you aren’t three.

Church life is so much fun!  It’s the ups and downs of a family and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

We are in need of sound and media personnel at Battle Ground.  You can fill out a volunteer form HERE to get involved.  We provide all of the training, so if you are interested, we’d love to have you!

Also, we are overstocking our Kid’s Checkin and Tiny Town Assistants at Hazel Dell in preparation for our Kid’s Coordinator being out for her new baby.  If you’d like to do one of those ministries, click the link above and we’ll get you signed up, too.

Who are you praying for that needs to know Jesus as their Savior?  If you email me at stacy@coffeechurch.com, I’ll pray for them, too.

Be blessed!


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