June 10 Highlights

Another good week at the Coffee Church! Here are the weekly highlights:

I turned in my first camp registration for my daughter to attend camp this summer. So excited for her to go!

We are gearing up to leave in 5 weeks for the North Creek Missions Trip to the Dominican Republic. Please pray for the 13 of us as we go to work with teenagers in another country. We are pretty excited about it!

LOTS of baptism registration forms turned in. Some people can’t be there on July 1, so we’re in the process of putting together alternate days to make that happen! We have a portable hot tub, so anytime, anywhere works for us!

Our youth pastor honored the Hazel Dell Campus grads this weekend. It’s always fun to take a little time and thank them for being a part of our youth ministry and church!

Speaking of youth…they leave for summer camp in two weeks. Make sure you add that to your prayer list as well!

We are in the process of re-building our 11:00 am Hazel Dell Campus. Almost everyone who transferred to Battle Ground in the merge came out of that service, so it took a momentum hit. It went from our biggest service to our smallest almost overnight, but now it seems to be getting healthier by the week. That’s the price of caring more about the mission of God than anything else! We needed room, we prayed for room, we got room, now we are back to praying for a filled room. It’s the life-cycle of North Creek.

Our staff is gearing up for our Grand Opening/Six Year Celebration on Sept. 23. That’s when we are officially launching Battle Ground. Yeah, I know, it looks pretty launched to me, too. We thought it would take longer, but it didn’t, so I guess our Grand Opening is now just a reason for a party. As long as there’s coffee…

Wednesday is a very important day for Mark and I. I’ll tell you why on Wednesday!

We are now less than a month away from three of our key leaders having their babies…in the same week. I may just pitch a tent at the hospital.

The kid’s learned about baptism in class yesterday. How do you know when your child is old enough? I have no idea. I think as a parent, you have to know your child and weigh out whether they understand who Jesus is and the fact that they need to devote their lives to him as part of the commitment of baptism. Every kid is different! We haven’t baptized a child under 7 years old at North Creek, but even then, it’s a personal decision for every family.

On that note, it’s going to be a GREAT week! I just decided. See you on Father’s Day next Sunday! It’s going to be an awesome Sunday!!!!

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