June 12 Coffee Church Highlights

First and foremost, I was to express my sorrow for yet another mass shooting in our nation.  I grieve along with each of you that our children live in a world where this has become normative and free of all reason.  We also grieve with all of the loved ones of those in Orlando who will spend this week burying their sons, daughters, mothers, fathers…it is all too much.  As a Christian, my only prayer is that Jesus can go where no one else can and dive into the hearts of the hurting.  May He do a redemptive work in those families, in that city, and in our nation.

On the opposite end of things, for our church, it was a good weekend as we expressed our praise to God together.  We had a full house and plenty of good conversations!!  Thank you for joining us as it is always a joy to be together as a church.

We are gearing up to move out of our storage and our building.  Here are several opportunities to help:

Tuesday, June 21 – Packing at the Battle Ground Campus – 500 SW Eaton Blvd, Battle Ground, WA from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Bring a lunch!

Saturday, June 25 – Moving out of our storage unit – 24415 NE 10th Ave, Ridgefield, WA 98642.  This will be in the morning, but we are not sure exactly what time, so we will update you asap!

Sunday, July 3 – After our Baptisms and Brunch at our Battle Ground Campus, we will all jump in to empty the building.  It should take an hour and a half to load if we have plenty of help!  Also, if you’d like to get baptized that day, fill out the baptism registration at www.coffeechurch.com.  It is always an amazing day!  We will NOT be at Prairie High School that day, so please take note!

The building is set to close on July 15, but we are hoping to have it all done early!

Youth camp and Kid’s Camp are just around the corner.  We have some students who are looking for jobs to finish paying for their registration.  If you have yard jobs, babysitting needs, small projects, you can “Rent A Student” and give the money directly to their camp fund.  Email Kris@coffeechurch.com for more info.  Also, for those of you who gave camp scholarships, we have very grateful students that received those scholarships and have shown up to help pack, weed, and work at the Battle Ground campus over the last month.  Thank you for your generosity!  Most of our students earn the majority of their $300 and literally work all year to make camp happen.  It’s truly amazing to watch!

Next Sunday, June 19, it’s Dad’s and Grads!  We will have Dad’s Root Beer for all of our men and we’ll be celebrating with our graduates!  We have 11 of them this year and they are AMAZING people.  Join us on Sunday as we have so much to celebrate!

I look forward to great days ahead!  When you walk through the difficult seasons with grace and faith, you will find beauty on the other side.  Here’s to walking in that beauty for a while!  I hope you see a glimpse of that in your own life today!


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