June 3 Coffee Church Highlights

It’s clearly June because it’s BUSY!!!  It seems like the end of the year is a roller coaster ride of things to do!  And then we got slammed with epic heat, which added to the crazy!  I have been in a mad dash to the finish of the school year, so my blog is a bit late this week!

We started the weekend by honoring Jim Johnson at his memorial service.  Thank you to those of you who gave meals, came to the funeral, and offered support to this family.  We love Joni, Stefani, Malynda, Billy, and Victoria very much and are grateful to North Creek for doing what you could to make this first week without Jim just a touch more bearable.  Please continue to pray for them as they navigate this new season of their lives.

We also ask you to continue to pray for David Hinshaw who was in the hospital last week.  We were surprised to see him at church on Sunday, but grateful he was doing so well already!

Kid’s class was AWESOME!  Andrea brought in her journal from years ago where she wrote about being called to kid’s ministry and then gave each child a journal to write about what God was doing in their lives.  I have a feeling that great things will come from that one lesson!  Parents…if you see that journal around, encourage your child to write down their thoughts as they read the Bible!

We need more volunteers!  As the summer hits, some of our volunteers are unavailable and it’s a GREAT time for new volunteers to jump in.  At North Creek, we ask that you serve just once a month.  You can fill out a volunteer form at www.coffeechurch.com TODAY!

Also, remember you can give this summer via PushPay.  Often times our giving drops as people go out of town and it makes for a challenging budget!  We appreciate your faithfulness to your church!

All is rolling right along with the sale of our Battle Ground campus.  We are set to close on July 15.  We are planning a moving day to storage after our July 3 Baptisms and Brunch.  More info to come, but we’d love your help!  Mark your calendars and if you’d like to get baptized that day, fill out a form at www.coffeechurch.com.  It’s going to be an amazing weekend!

We are on the lookout for a new building everyday!  The market is pretty sparse right now, but we know God has a plan and a purpose, so we walk patiently in that knowing His timing is in our best interest!

2016-06-05 16.09.31Also, congrats to Gracie, Sydney, and Maddy who were all in Journey Theater’s play “Pocahontas” this month.  Delaney and I got to watch it on Sunday and it was very well done!

My friend Robin and her family moved here this weekend as well.  Robin and I were like sisters growing up and now she lives two minutes away from me!  Crazy fun!!!

Phew!  Is it July yet???? 🙂

Be blessed and we’ll see you on Sunday!  It’s going to be another great weekend!


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