June 13 Highlights

Congrats to Nate and Emily Pust on the birth of Zoey Pust! She was born on Sunday, June 13. She was 6 pounds, 5 ounces and she is drop dead gorgeous! Our family made the trip to see her yesterday afternoon and it was a pleasure to see her little face. We are so glad to have another baby in the church!

Mark spoke on baptisms yesterday and we already have several signed up for our next baptism day at Klineline on July 4. It will be a fun morning as usual as we have brunch and enjoy the company of the WHOLE church in one place. Praying for sun!!!

I walked in to the preschool class yesterday and was surprised that I barely knew any of the kids…where did they all come from so quickly????

We honored our graduating seniors yesterday in church. We look forward to the next season of their lives and watching God mold and shape them into the adults that he wants them to be. Congrats to all of you!

We had two birthday parties and a baby shower this weekend, so my kids had their fair share of cake and pizza. Grandma Sandy (my mom) is coming to visit this week, so I’m sure more sugar is on the way…

Next Sunday is Father’s Day! That means hot dogs and root beer for all the guys at breakfast. Yummmmyyyyy…Invite a dad that you know for a great morning!

June has been a very full month and seems to be ending the same way it started! Just have to take one day at a time and stay on top of things. Maybe July will slow down…HA HA HA!!! Oh well, it’s all good!

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