Love This Email!

I often share emails that I get because they are so encouraging! Enjoy!

Ironic that one of the lil blips on the whateverthatpaperiscalled we get upon entering the church mentioned the person’s excitement for attending North Creek Church. I was just thinking the same thing the night prior. I was pondering, Yay! I get to go to church tomorrow! Then I had to pause and go, What?! I am…excited about going to church? Woah woah woah! When does this ever happen to me!

I’ve grown up going to church since I was an infant in the nursery. Dad was very strict about HAVING to attend every Sunday. I could never get out of it, even if I was on my death bed. It has always been something that I should do, as opposed to something I get to do, look forward to doing. And it’s been that way even as an adult and the different churches I have been to. Just something I should do, though at least optional to some extent.

For the first time, I have found myself excited about attending, even if I have to get up at 9am. (Yes, yes, I’m spoiled, I usually sleep until 11:30am-ish. Be jealous! Ha!)

I just feel so very blessed that God has lead my to this church. I could say I wish I found out about it earlier, but all in His timing and all that. I am just happy to be a part of the family now. I can’t make it every Sunday due to my job and occasional weekend activities that take me out of town, and that’s okay. I am glad I feel enthusiasm about going to church now when I can make it, and not dragging my feet.

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